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Strategic Directives

Ohio Brain Injury Program and Ohio Brain Injury Advisory Committee

Strategic Directives for 2015-2020 

  1. Utilize existing TBI incidence data from ODH and ODPS for persons receiving medical care (ED and hospitalizations) to inform state policy and planning.
  2. Estimate adult prevalence rates for history of TBI from Ohio BRFSS.
  3. Encourage screening for a history of TBI among receipients of state services.
  4. Add TBI curricula to pre-service training in 8 healthcare and social service professions: medicine, nursing, optometry, psychology, social work, counseling, education & corrections.
  5. Augment TBI curricula for pre-service training of Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Language Pathologists and Therapeutic Recreation professionals.
  6. Promote adoption of team models when students return to school after TBI.
  7. Promote adoption of best practices in community integration for persons with TBI.
  8. Promote adoption of best practices for behavioral health treatment of persons with TBI.
  9. Develop a public awareness plan to educate policy-makers and the public on the lifelong needs of persons with TBI and their families.
  10. Develop a plan for systematically communicating the availability of services and supports for persons with TBI and their families. 


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