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Ohio Brain Injury Program


The mission of the Brain Injury Program is to advance prevention and treatment that will improve the lives of Ohioans impacted by brain injury.


The Brain Injury Program of Ohio recognizes brain injury as a major public health problem that contributes to preventable loss of life and disability. The Program seeks to assure that individuals with brain injury and their families have access to relevant information, quality healthcare, and an effective system of services and supports.

Guiding Values

  • Brain injury is recognized as a major public health and disability issue and, as lead agency, we “own” responsibility for addressing it.
  • The emphasis is on identification of key stakeholders, strong advocates, and reliable and sufficient data to address brain injury in Ohio.
  • An ongoing Needs and Resources Assessment process that routinely identifies the issues confronted by individuals with brain injury and their families and the resources available to them is vital.
  • Valid and meaningful information about the complex issues of brain injury and its lifelong effects improves the decisions made by all stakeholders.
  • A critical focal point is to develop and maintain a collaborative body of stakeholders in Ohio, including consumers, caregivers, professionals, state agencies, and the Brain Injury Association of Ohio. 


This website has been funded with financial assistance from Grant #H133A120086 awarded by the U.S. Department of Education, National Institute on Disability Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR) to the Ohio Valley Center for Brain Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation for the current funding period of 10/01/2012 - 09/30/2017.