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Effect #6: More Likely To Be Depressed

Cartoon brain sits on a chair playing a video game, saying, "I'm sick of sitting here doing nothing! There's on so many video games a person can take!" Neuron Al says, "Even if you think alcohol or other drugs give you a little lift, in the long run it's a major downer."

Being depressed if fairly common after a brain injury. Sometimes it is the injury to the brain that causes depression. It is also the change in a person's life that leads to depression. Everything is different, there are financial worries, and there is boredom.

Many people turn to using alcohol and other drugs to try to make this depression go away. They say it makes them less worried, more relaxed and happier. That may be true, for a while, but it quickly makes things worse. Alcohol depresses the brain and that depresses you.


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