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Answers to the Quiz

The Answers to the Quiz: All TRUE!

The quiz has 8 questions but there's only one right answer - TRUE!

Cartoon image of a brain dumping alcohol and pot into itself. Neuron Al says, "Hi! I'm Neuron Al. If you have had a brain injury, it is important to evaluate your personal program on "Drinking and Other Drug Use. Maybe you used to drink or smoke pot, but after a brain injury, there are many reasons why it isn't a good idea."

Alcohol, other drugs and brain injury often go together both before and after an injury. Alcohol is present in more than half of all brain injuries. Alcohol is a factor in 66% of brain injuries caused by moving vehicles, and 60% of brain injuries involving violence. These numbers do not include the use of other drugs at the time of an injury. Whether or not a brain injury was caused by using alcohol or other drugs, after an injury the brain reacts differently to these drugs. Everyone who has a brain injury should rethink their use of alcohol and other drugs.


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