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cartoon image of brain with caption "Hi! I'm Ed Injury- a pretty cool brain that's recovering from an injury. Before you read further, let's see what you know about alcohol, other drugs and brain injury."True or False?

  1. People who use alcohol or other drugs after they have had a brain injury don't recover as much.
  2. Brain injuries cause problems in balance, walking or talking that gets worse when a person uses alcohol or other drugs.
  3. People who have had a brain injury often say or do things without thinking first, a problem that is made worse by using alcohol and other drugs.
  4. Brain injuries cause problems with thinking, like concentration or memory, and using alcohol or other drugs makes these problems worse.
  5. After brain injury, alcohol and other drugs have a more powerful effect.
  6. People who have had a brain injury are more likely to have times that they feel low or depressed and drinking alcohol and getting high on other drugs makes this worse.
  7. After a brain injury, drinking alcohol or using other drugs can cause a seizure.
  8. People who drink alcohol or use other drugs after a brain injury are more likely to have another brain injury.
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