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Version 3.0 - Best

Trained staff member. Best programming adds a staff member trained in chemical dependency treatment. Dedicating staff for this purpose significantly expands the capability of the program to provide a holistic approach to substance use issues. A specially trained staff member has responsibilities for all activities previously described in Version 2.0, as well as expanding motivational interviewing to include additional sessions as indicated by the person’s readiness to change. The treatment team at this level should create a unified treatment plan based on issues identified during assessment.

Consultation. Consultation of treatment team members with the chemical dependency professional is another feature of Version 3.0. A by-product of consultation can be adaptation of therapies to incorporate substance use issues (e.g., ways to reinforce messages from the motivational interviewing or strengthen self-motivation statements). The section addressing a Coordinated Team Approach (page 40), provides general suggestions of ways to incorporate prevention and intervention messages in the normal flow of other therapies.

Version 3.0 increases emphasis on developing the referral process and actively following-up with persons served to increase the likelihood of successful follow through with community-based service providers. 


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